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Why Favors?

Planning your wedding or special event take a lot of time and energy. After all of the thought and details that you have already put into your special event, are favors really important? So much effort can be put into details that can please the host or hostess of any party and for those invited while they are there. But favors can have a lasting impression as a piece that your guests can take home with them that make them feel appreciated and serve as a reminder that will last well beyond the party itself.

Regardless of the size of your wedding or event, favors are a small, yet very simple, gift that can make a large impression. Personalized favors and gifts allow you to put your own personality into items as well as to convey a special message. For example, you can have personalized candy bar wrappers that match the theme of your event with a simple message on the back stating "Thank you for coming". These custom wrappers can then be placed onto a Hershey or Nestle Crunch Bar that the guest can enjoy or take home with them. You can go a step further by having Hershey Miniatures wrapped in a personalized candy wrapper and placed into an organza bag with a custom favor tag creating a candy bag favor that your guests can cherish. Believe it or not, your guests will likely remember these small things you did just for them more than anything you may do at the event. A small token, such as a custom scroll, candy box set, placecard holders or even custom poker chips, is a way to express your appreciation for their attendance and a great way of saying "thank you" to your guests.

So what should you present as a favor to your guests? A favor does not have to be overly complicated, they can be very simple. However, those gifts which are unique can have an ever-more lasting memory of your special event. You may fine many guests will take their gift home as a reminder as a long-term keepsake and not even eat the candy, for instance. Others will just be pleased to know you thought of them specifically out of all of your invited guests (even if everyone receives one).

Personalized Favors can also enhance the theme, colors and overall style of your wedding or event. Themes can be established by having your candy wrappers match your invitations and napkins.

At S&R Favors, we offer many different event favors - most of which can be customized to your specific colors, text, and phrases ranging from Chocolate Bar wrappers to Personalized Scrolls.

Congratulations...and enjoy planning your special event!

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