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Merchant Program:

E-Mail us at to enroll in our Merchant Program or find out more information.

Our Merchant Program is a flexible program that works well with many types of business owners. Along with providing merchants an immediate discount, merchants can save even more with our Rebate Program. This would allow you to provide your own clients with a direct discount when ordering through us (ideal if your business is a wedding coordinator, etc.) and your business would receive a direct rebate for all orders placed.

Here's how it works: Once enrolled, you will receive a Merchant Number. This Merchant Number can be used as a COUPON when checking out. Merchants receive a 10% immediate discount when placing an order online. If you wish, you can give your own customers your merchant number so that they may benefit in the 10% discount using your "referral" code. IN ADDITION, all purchases are tracked for a given Merchant Code and a Rebate will be sent directly to the business owner (so you can make money just by giving referrals). Rebates are paid every 6 months (or monthly when your balance exceeds $20 or more). Rebates earned are 5% (excluding tax & shipping). If any given order is over $300, your rebate increases to 10%! That's a total of up to 20% off for our Merchants!

To enroll, please send us the following information and you will be assigned a Merchant Number ready for immediate use:

  • Your Name
  • Company Name (Rebate checks will be made out to this name)
  • Mailing Address, city, state & zip (Rebate checks will be mailed to this address)
  • Resale License Number (State License or Non-Profit License)
  • E-Mail address
  • Authorized Agent(s) (to authorize additional persons within your company to make changes to your account)

Take advantage of this great program. Let us know if you have any questions by calling us toll-free at 877-635-3361 or contact us via e-mail at .