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Trivia Cards:

These trivia cards are a great idea for weddings. Put trivia cards on your reception tables and let your guests know interesting facts about you and your fiance that they may not know. They make great conversational pieces that get your guests to mingle with each other.

Each card can simply state an interesting fact about the bride and/or groom. Or just have a question that each of your guests need to try and find out from one another. Answers to questions can also be printed on the backside of the card (text only).

Can't think of anything? Some examples could include:

  • Birth place
  • Favorite hobby
  • Who said "I love you" first
  • How you met
  • Where did he propose?
  • Middle Names
  • Kids or Future Family Plans
  • Major(s) in College
  • Number of Siblings
  • Special Accomplishments
  • Pets
  • First Date
  • Facts about Best Man/Maid of Honor
  • Career Aspirations
Put up to 1 fact per 10 cards you order. You can choose a picture or theme for your cards or send us your own (one picture per FAQ; e-mail your pictures to when you place your order). A logo can also be designed with bride & groom's names and wedding date, if so desired, and placed on each trivia card. The possibilities are endless.

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