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Poker Chips:

Customize your poker game at your bachelor or bachelorette party and keep your chips as a memento. We have customized poker chips labeled with your own design! We will do any theme: party, wedding, birthday, etc.

You can also have your own photos placed on the chip labels (please e-mail photos to when placing your order). We can design labels in any color or theme you choose.

Our poker chips come in a package of 100 poker chips with varying colors of Red, Blue, Green, Black & White (11.5 grams) and comes with a free DEALER button. We also offer an 500 Poker Chip Set featuring a rolling carrying case, 2 decks of cards, 5 dice, dealer & blind buttons and customized labels (See picture below)!

You can purchase our poker labels separately for your own set & colors, or you can purchase our box sets fully assembled with your custom labels.

100 Poker Chips
(with customized labels)
500 Poker Chip Set
(w/Rolling Case & Labels)
Custom Chip Labels
(Chips not included)
Custom Chip Labels

Orders containing only labels (no chips) are shipped precut & assembly will be required. Case sets are shipped fully assembled with labels installed.

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